Industry Expertise

Vehicle and Parts

RaPid has been committed to the research 在线视频of the automobile industry, and has rich i噼里啪啦GOndustry experience in traditional vehicle姑娘资源s (gasoline and diesel vehicles) and new energy v大地姑娘ehicles.

Service Area

  • Product research

    Before launch, product positioning research,GO高清 vehicle testing, price research, 飘雪姑娘 New car quality survey, price monitoring, u国语GOser research, Performance test, model change test好姑娘直播.

  • Industry research

    Industry status and prospect survey,Mai艺术视频nstream enterprise research, policy research动漫中文版 and consulting.

  • Brand research

    Brand recognition, purchase, sati在线在线sfaction, loyalty research Brand position成全丁香花ing research.

  • Satisfaction research

    Research on Sales Satisfaction ,service satisfa高清国语ction , dealer satisfaction and pro姑娘MVduct satisfaction, Customer churn analys国语姑娘is.

  • Consumer research

    Research on Consumption, Use and A视频丁香花fter-sale Behavior ,Customer valu动漫飘雪e research ,Customer Segmentation Researc免费好姑娘h ,Customer Complaint Study.

Service Advantages

Policies and regulations
Have a comprehensive and profound understandi好姑娘姐姐ng of the policies and regulations of China's a飘雪直播utomobile industry
technological development
Pay attention to the future developm好姑娘姐姐ent direction and trend of the MV艺术automobile industry, including new e高清版姑娘nergy vehicles, charging facilities, automati直播姑娘c driving technology and intelligent, all 丁香花姐姐of which have profound understanding and uniqu资源国语e insights.
Industry network
It has established a complete industry network影院资源 and integrated government departments, including动漫在线 the Ministry of industry and infMV高清ormation technology, the Ministry of environ影院姐姐mental protection and the Ministry of 姐姐中文版communications; industry associations, 高清版影院including the automobile industry associa大地丁香花tion, the Automobile Circulation直播噼里啪啦 Association, etc.; the main au中文版TVtomobile manufacturers and the m国语国语ain engine manufacturers)

Research scope

Traditional car
Vehicle, power system, after-treatment system, MV动漫entertainment electronic system, 姐姐艺术car interior, seats and skylights, etc.在线姐姐; we also have rich experience and e在线直播xtensive network in the automotive after高清版噼里啪啦market, including 4S shop and indepen直播TVdent maintenance system.
New energy vehicles
Electric vehicle New energy vehicle国语姐姐 parts, which covers REEV, BMS, inveMV国语rter, DC / DC and other important indus美丽GOtries. charging facilities ,surrounding视频成全 related fields: intelligent travel, aut姑娘影院omatic driving, e-commerce platf资源艺术orm, Internet of vehicles.