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Industrial Products

RaPid provides market research on professional美丽艺术 industrial products, competitive intellige资源大地nce, due diligence, multi-user report, 姐姐大地and industrial product database marketing servi影院视频ces, aiming to help the domestic and美丽高清 foreign customers to get comprehensive噼里啪啦视频 understanding of Chinese industrial produc噼里啪啦视频ts production, procurement, sa好姑娘姑娘les, dig out downstream sales opport在线噼里啪啦unities in order to provide full solutions 好姑娘视频to customers with different infor影院成全mation from the beginning of prod资源中文版uction to final marketing.RaPi影院成全d focuses on industrial automation, rob姑娘成全ots and the Internet of things,中文版在线 including industrial control, i姑娘国语ndustrial communication and indusTV影院trial equipment.

Service area

  • Industry research

    Industry status and prospect research, industry 动漫高清competition situation, mainstream manuTV成全facturer research, business model, policy动漫GO research

  • Channel research

    Product mix, Business mode, 动漫在线 Channel policy, Price policy, 美丽大地Promotion policy

  • Industry chain research

    Market environment analysis, AnalGO动漫ysis of industrial chain, Market supply and deman高清版姐姐d analysis Product import and exp中文版国语ort analysis, Analysis of market competTV丁香花ition pattern

  • Competitive enterprise research

    ● Basic overview, financial situation ,Sales 直播姐姐situation
    ● Product, channel, price, promotion Pro视频GOduction and logistics
    ● Manpower consulting

Research scope

Product and industry understanding
From the two dimensions of products and 在线TVindustry, we will dig into the automation ma丁香花成全rket and maintain long-term partnership with ma视频TVny well-known automation manufacturers. Pr影院视频oduct latitude, divided into low voltage drive丁香花姐姐, control, sensor and instrument,高清丁香花 medium and high voltage drive sub 好姑娘丁香花direction, each research field has senior r中文版飘雪esearchers for long-term tracking)
Database accumulation
With dynamic engineer database, and automa姑娘在线tion experts in textile, lifting, printing, 中文版飘雪machine tools, rubber, steel, petroche在线噼里啪啦mical, cement, municipal water treatment,姑娘影院 rail transit, HVAC and other indust高清大地ries, keep regular contact with profes好姑娘高清sional engineers.

Research area - Industrial Robo噼里啪啦资源ts

Industrial automation
Intelligent manufacturing
Industrial robot