Industry Expertise

Consumer Goods

The consumer goods industry is faced with rapid 艺术高清版industry changes. RaPid uses online高清版艺术 data and offline research to help enterprises美丽直播 grasp the industry dynamics and con丁香花资源sumer changes in the first time.

Service area

  • New product research

    Research on concept test, packaging test, nami资源噼里啪啦ng test and marketing positioning strategy befo国语GOre new product development. Guide高清版中文版 product research and launch direction with c视频飘雪onsumer demand, reduce the risk of prod飘雪高清版uct research and development.

  • Mystery customers

    A strictly trained investigator who acts TV高清as a customer in a prescribed or specifi姐姐姐姐ed time and evaluates a series of ques丁香花成全tions designed in advance one 直播国语by one.

  • Industry research

    Industry status and prospect s国语好姑娘urvey,Mainstream enterprise re影院GOsearch, policy research and consulting.

  • Customer satisfaction research

    Customer satisfaction is a barometer of ente动漫噼里啪啦rprise health changes. Track and大地中文版 evaluate the change of customer satTV美丽isfaction, let the enterprise adjust the opera在线噼里啪啦tion strategy in time, and effectively track and高清大地 improve customer satisfaction.

  • Consumer research

    ● Research on consumption, use and after-sale高清版直播 behavior
    ● Customer value research
    ● Customer segmentation research

Service advantages

The consumer goods industry, especially af姑娘视频fected by the digital transfor动漫飘雪mation, has experienced unprecedented pace of c在线姐姐hange. The influence of global consumers i丁香花艺术s stronger than ever, so the consumer orieMV中文版nted enterprises must actively res艺术免费pond to this change which urges th成全动漫e consumer oriented enterprises to actively飘雪噼里啪啦 respond to this change.
Our consultants have a deep industry backgrou噼里啪啦动漫nd and are always at the forefront of chan动漫高清版ge. They make full use of their experience an姑娘TVd ability to assess the competence and丁香花免费 cultural fit of board members, chie影院姑娘f executives and functional executives in the fo飘雪视频llowing areas.

Hot research topic

E-commerce monitoring and verific中文版大地ation:
E-commerce channel sales monitorin噼里啪啦大地g, e-commerce channel price monitoring, e-co影院姐姐mmerce channel volume and prom姑娘艺术otion monitoring.
New product and user demand research:
Big data and public opinion mon高清影院itoring pulse users, consumer demand trend.