Industry Expertise


New retail, mobile payment, sharing ec影院美丽onomy and other concepts put forward and影院TV popularized, constantly challenging the vaGO艺术lue chain, cost structure, profit model and marke姑娘GOting channels of traditional enterpri噼里啪啦好姑娘ses. RaPid helps enterprises to高清噼里啪啦 examine their business models an资源资源d propose upgrading and transformation 国语姐姐plans, so as to keep up with the competiti艺术美丽on and challenges brought by market changes. The成全高清版 introduction and popularization of the concept艺术飘雪s of "new retail", "mobile payment" and "艺术直播sharing economy" constantly challenges the valu成全大地e chain, cost structure, profit model and 成全中文版marketing channels of traditiona高清高清l enterprises.

Service area

  • Business district research

    Business district research can help美丽高清版 you understand the passenger flow and business 美丽美丽form composition of the business district, an国语丁香花d provide scientific basis for b噼里啪啦中文版usiness operation and site selection serv姐姐MVices

  • Consumer research

    Research on consumption, use and after-s免费美丽ale behavior , Customer value research , 高清版视频Customer segmentation research

  • Industry research

    Industry status and prospect survey 在线直播 Research on mainstream Enter美丽MVprises, Policy research and consulting

Hot research topic

E-commerce monitoring and verifMV影院ication:
E-commerce channel sales monitoring, e-commerce 资源在线channel price monitoring, e-commerce channel v成全MVolume and promotion monitoring.
New product and user demand research:
Big data and public opinion monito免费丁香花ring pulse users, consumer demand trend.