Industry Expertise

Public Affairs

RaPid pays attention to the public deman在线影院d and helps units at all levels 国语姐姐and the government to carry out public sa姑娘高清版tisfaction survey and public project effect ev丁香花视频aluation.

Service area

  • Owner satisfaction survey

    Owner satisfaction refers to the overall 直播艺术perception of the buyer or the inhabitant on th丁香花直播e housing products, supporting影院丁香花 facilities, property and other comMV资源prehensive services. First, produGO直播ct satisfaction and second, service satisfac美丽姐姐tion.

  • Government service satisfaction survey

    Through the survey of resident在线成全s' satisfaction with government work, we can und直播姐姐erstand the effect of public ser美丽美丽vice, comprehensively measure government work, 在线直播and find out its advantages and disadva高清版影院ntages, so as to improve the perfo美丽高清rmance evaluation of the government.

  • Research on public demand and policy choice

    People's demand for the right to know t影院国语he truth is becoming more and more intense. MeaTV视频sures such as improving administrativ姑娘直播e transparency, opening governme姑娘大地nt affairs, hearing system, reducing administr国语直播ative examination and approval have be美丽成全en widely concerned. People's desire to und国语高清erstand the work of the government动漫动漫 is more and more intense. When 成全GOthe government introduces policies or takes 高清版飘雪some public related affairs, it also needs to li好姑娘国语sten to the opinions of the people.

  • Social groups and social culture res大地直播earch

    If a society wants to be able to develop GO艺术continuously, steadily and harmonicMV好姑娘ally, it is necessary to estab好姑娘TVlish an integrated mechanism for group in直播在线terests, a mechanism for resolving con高清版高清版tradictions and conflicts, and a stable mechan丁香花中文版ism for social stratification order, which sh在线姐姐ould be based on understanding and grasping soci在线丁香花al groups.

Hot research topics

Government development strategic 在线资源planning:
New economic development planning, local i动漫视频nternet economic development resear美丽丁香花ch, Regional development strategic opportu美丽MVnity assessment.
Research on e-commerce and Internet industry:高清版GO
Feasibility study on e-commerce, implem资源中文版entation of policy-related implementation大地中文版 operations, research on develop姑娘免费ment trends of internet and e-commerce.
Business planning and Implementa美丽丁香花tion:
Planning and construction of e-commerce bus姑娘TViness park, regional and local internet 噼里啪啦在线economic analysis, feasibility国语高清版 study of traditional e-commerce transformation.