Industry Expertise

Infrastructure Construction

RaPid assists the government and enter在线在线prises in site selection evaluation,噼里啪啦成全 industrial park planning, park investment成全中文版 promotion and other work.

Service area

  • Product research

    Through systematic industry selection, va资源在线lue chain positioning, research on value-add成全丁香花ed service demand of the park, consul高清版影院ting investment promotion and mark国语美丽eting, combined with the actual ch资源姑娘aracteristics of the local eco大地姑娘nomy and geography, the detailed strat飘雪影院egy and implementation plan for t免费中文版he development of the industrial 影院姑娘park are formulated.

  • Industrial planning

    First of all, analyze the stage of economic dev影院噼里啪啦elopment and industrial structure to MV高清版make clear the current industrial proGO艺术blems and predict the future developmeMV大地nt direction. Secondly, according to the global, 飘雪直播regional or surrounding city indu艺术高清strial transfer, regional policies an资源影院d local industrial characteristics, analyze the 成全高清opportunities, challenges and advantages and d艺术成全isadvantages of industrial development.姑娘影院 Thirdly, according to the current situation a美丽中文版nd development conditions, it 好姑娘丁香花puts forward the overall strate大地MVgy of industrial development, s大地GOuch as structural upgrading, clus高清版美丽tering, high-tech, regional coordinatioMV视频n and division of labor, and determines the ad免费姑娘vantageous (or leading) industries acc大地影院ording to certain standards.

  • Park Planning

    Including: Industrial Park develo动漫影院pment strategy, industrial park deve免费噼里啪啦lopment orientation, Industrial 动漫MVPark industrial orientation, Industrial Park 视频国语industrial layout, secondary entreprMV高清eneurship of Industrial Park, industrial park m资源中文版anagement .

  • Park investment

    ● Undertaking of Investment Promotion Confere飘雪中文版nc Invitation to enterprises
    ● Official website publicity Wechat platfo视频丁香花rm publicity
    ● Platform display service
    ● Network integrated marketing promotTV姐姐ion

Hot research topics

Government development strategic planni艺术国语ng:
New economic development plannMV噼里啪啦ing, local internet economic developm美丽GOent research, Regional development s好姑娘姑娘trategic opportunity assessment.
Research on e-commerce and Internet industry:
Feasibility study on e-commerce, implementation o国语视频f policy-related implementation operatio艺术视频ns, research on development trends大地直播 of internet and e-commerce.
Business planning and Implementation:
Planning and construction of e-com艺术免费merce business park, regional and 高清版高清版local internet economic analysis, feasibilitMV在线y study of traditional e-commerce transformati国语视频on.