Industry Expertise

Logistics Industry

RaPid provides consulting services such艺术高清 as supply chain strategic cons在线中文版ulting, logistics engineering planning and desi高清高清gn, logistics infrastructure pla影院资源nning and design, and project fa在线中文版cility management for global industrial and 艺术飘雪commercial enterprises and gover免费MVnment public institutions.

Service area

  • Purchasing supply logistics cons大地动漫ulting

    Based on the global procurement strategy 影院在线of the enterprise, aiming at comprehensively imp视频影院roving the procurement KPI such as on-艺术动漫time delivery rate, procurement quality qualific在线高清ation rate and the best total procurement c好姑娘GOost, the company provides the enterpris丁香花GOe with procurement logistics mode design, p美丽好姑娘rocurement plan formulation, p高清版成全urchase order tracking, collaborative opera动漫飘雪tion, early warning mechanism, real-time operaMV国语tion, procurement transportation planning, supplyMVTV chain (Supplier) inventory management,艺术资源 warehousing planning Closed loop management cons视频TVulting in the whole process of purchasing logisti姐姐美丽cs network planning .

  • Production logistics (factory logistics) consu在线噼里啪啦lting

    It mainly solves the planning and desMV成全ign of the internal information flow, capita高清美丽l flow and logistics of manufacturing enterprises高清影院 from the input of raw and auxil姐姐直播iary materials to the warehousing of f影院MVinished products, and provides effective, fe美丽国语asible and optimal solutions.

  • Distribution logistics consulting

    Based on the global (National) maTV大地rketing strategy and strategy of the en大地丁香花terprise, and based on the principle that th高清噼里啪啦e total logistics cost is the best and t丁香花直播he customer service level is satisfied, we pr中文版MVovide GDC, CDC, RDC logistics netw直播直播ork design, transportation planning design, sto美丽成全rage and distribution center planning姐姐成全 design, global (National) storage 国语噼里啪啦and distribution center operation man高清高清agement mode design, logistics distribution姑娘丁香花 mode design, third-party logist艺术GOics collaborative management sys噼里啪啦直播tem for the enterprise . Build global 高清噼里啪啦(National) logistics network and d免费大地istribution system for enterprises.

  • Integrated logistics solution of commer视频飘雪cial supply chain

    Guided by the maximization of business MV免费profits and based on the optimization of totTV美丽al logistics cost, the planning and design免费直播 of logistics, information flow, documen动漫艺术t flow and capital flow in the whole process of c动漫姑娘ommodity purchase, supply logistics, warehousMV丁香花ing and distribution, packaging, sorting, chain oMV高清peration and distribution, distribut飘雪高清版ion stores and wholesale are provided for bu资源在线siness enterprises, and effective, feasible国语美丽 and optimal solutions are provided .

  • Competitive enterprise research

    Basic overview, financial situation
    Sales situation
    Product, channel, price, promotion
    Production and logistics
    Manpower consulting

Hot research topics

Intelligent logistics reform:
Intelligent logistics system is compose成全免费d of logistics brain, information transmiss姐姐好姑娘ion system and operation execution. At presen噼里啪啦高清版t, the logistics brain innovation好姑娘姑娘 is in the digital development stage, and is b视频TVeing comprehensively evolved to pro在线MVgram-controlled and intelligent. The inform飘雪姑娘ation transmission system is in the Interne国语高清t plus stage, and is evolving to the IGOGOnternet of things and information physics syste直播视频m (CPS). The current hot point of the job exeGO好姑娘cution system is automation and Robotics, and 大地直播is evolving to flexible automa好姑娘直播tion, unmanned and intelligent hardware syst国语MVem.