Our general manager was invited to delivering a视频国语 speech at the seminar

On December 11th, Shanghai RaPid consult姑娘好姑娘ing was collaborated with Japan Chem成全动漫ical Web Shanghai branch and Anli L艺术好姑娘aw firm, held the seminar of ”the impor资源直播t and export regulations of chemicals, intellectu噼里啪啦MVal property rights and the curre影院在线nt status of the medical device market“ at t在线姑娘he Shanghai World Financial Center.N动漫GOearly 100 professionals from Japanese chemical a噼里啪啦在线nd related industries in China attended 影院免费the seminar.
In this presentation, Mr. Huang Shaojun, 资源中文版general manager of our company, was in免费噼里啪啦vited to talk about the trend o丁香花姐姐f China's medical device industry with 美丽大地remarkable growth, and explained the detail中文版姐姐s of the post-epidemic era of medical enter中文版艺术prise industry, as well as business o动漫动漫pportunities for Japanese enterprises.&动漫视频nbsp;
Meanwhile, the seminar also inv丁香花高清版ited Mr.Li Quanhong, a partner lawyer fMV动漫rom Anli Law firm, which mainly focused on hMV高清版igh-end commercial law, delivered a speech themed姐姐姐姐 of "The Tariff Risks of Chemical Enter资源直播prises and Countermeasures".Based on th资源飘雪e actual cases, he described the detailed cGO姑娘haracteristics of export contro动漫在线l law and the special risks of the噼里啪啦直播 related tariffs of chemical enter艺术直播prises.
Partner lawyers Mr.Ji Jun delivered the spee免费视频ch of "How to respond in the era of technological直播丁香花 competition", illustrated the p在线好姑娘roblems that Japanese companies姑娘直播 are easily to fall into when doingGO国语 business in China. Partner lawyer Mr.Chen Yi动漫高清fan pointed out the attention points直播大地 of occupation and commercial br视频TVibery in labor problems.