The workshop with the theme of "inter成全飘雪pretation of the new regulations on 国语大地China's medical device supervision and ad噼里啪啦丁香花ministration and the 14th five year plan" was s动漫直播uccessfully held at Zhonglun l艺术美丽aw firm S

On June 18,The workshop with the theme of "动漫飘雪interpretation of the new regul美丽美丽ations on China's medical device supervi好姑娘艺术sion and administration and the丁香花影院 14th five year plan" was successfulMV高清版ly held at Zhonglun law firm Shanghai office美丽动漫. Privileged to be the first time j好姑娘艺术oint coorperated with Zhonglun law美丽高清版 firm, nearly 50 delegates from Japa直播美丽nese medical device industry to attend t艺术高清版he conference.
Mr. Huang Shaojun, general manager of大地姐姐 our company, shared his point of view base高清姐姐d on the key words of the new reg资源影院ulations on the supervision and administration 中文版GOof medical devices in China, which was just imp姑娘GOlemented on June 1,2021.Partner lawyers 免费高清版Mr.Qiu Jing and Mr. Zhang Guof高清版直播eng from Zhonglun law firm hea在线免费lthcare team, respectively introduced th国语资源e challenges and opportunities faced by Japan影院GOese medical device companies u成全姑娘nder the new regulations. 
The two lawyers held experience of 免费MVin-house legal practices in large European and ATVGOmerican invested international medical dev中文版姐姐ice companies. Their solid advice and practicaGO视频l experience have brought new solutions to JapaneMV中文版se enterprises. In the current new VUCA era动漫免费, opportunities and challenges are cGO噼里啪啦o-existing. We are more than happy toTV好姑娘 share related industry insights 在线视频empower business decisions.