The 2021 Sino-Japan (Hanzhong) he成全直播alth, medical and ecological cooperatio资源在线n industry promotion conferenceGO姑娘 was held in Shanghai Garden Hotel

On June 25, the 2021 Sino-Japan (Hanzhon中文版GOg) health, medical and ecological coo高清TVperation industry promotion conference wa动漫高清s held in Shanghai Garden Hotel姐姐好姑娘 with the theme of "风月同天,朱鹮共翼,艺术直播期翼未来(wind and moon on the same day, crested ib噼里啪啦视频is sharing wings, looking forward to the 免费影院future)".
The conference was hosted by Mr. Chen 视频GOYu, chief consultant of the organizGO动漫er "China Japan industry" (the industrial thinGO大地kt ank platform of Nikkei BP Comprehensive Re在线中文版search Institute). It was held in 艺术大地Shanghai as the main venue, with real-time 高清中文版connection to the sub-venue Tokyo 姑娘GO and online livestream in ChinesGO大地e and Japanese simoutianlsy. Nearly 1国语直播00 guests attended the conference, with more直播噼里啪啦 than 8,000 online participants.
Mr. Huang Shaojun, general manager of our comp直播视频any, was invited to delivering a keynote speech美丽TV entitled "new highlights of China Japan econoTV美丽mic and trade cooperation under the framework of免费MV RCEP regional comprehensive economic partnershi影院动漫p agreement". In view of the he国语艺术alth industry cooperation between 免费中文版China and Japan under the RCEP framework, we sh好姑娘艺术ould focus on key words, such 视频影院as: Healthy China Construction, core technology免费资源 research, rehabilitation indust美丽MVry development, industrial optimizati艺术GOon and upgrading, smart medici高清版好姑娘ne, etc.
Hanzhong economic and Technological国语成全 Development Zone focused on the development of 飘雪美丽biomedicine and big health indu噼里啪啦MVstries. More Japanese entrepreneurs are welcome艺术成全 to join hands with Hanzhong t美丽在线o participate in the development event and share影院姑娘 a bright future. The conference will also opeMV美丽n a new chapter in the future related industry o中文版中文版f China and Japan by strengthening industrial 直播飘雪cooperation.