Practical execution oriented, RaPid obs资源国语erves the internal and external pr成全姐姐oblems of the enterprise to impro国语TVve the operating efficiency of the organizatio高清版免费n.

Project Process

Industry Benchmarking Analysis
Compare and analyze the internal score 高清高清of the enterprise with the industry benchmark indTV免费ex to identify the potential risks and advantages动漫美丽 of the enterprise
Internal Strategic Examination
RaPid evaluates and analyzes the cl高清MVient's current corporate strategy and scores the 成全姐姐performance of key links
Clear Strategic Objectives
Develop strategic objectives and identify in视频免费ternal and external change factors
Strategy Implementation
Organizational restructuring
Leadership training
Key link optimization


  • Operations Management

    Working with the right operations consulting高清版高清版 firm can help a business operate more efficie飘雪GOntly, effectively, and profitably.

  • Human Capital Consulting

    RaPid helps companies create incisive ta国语动漫lent strategies and powerful talent bui姐姐高清lding processes. Whether you’re hiring直播高清版 your first employee or prepariTV成全ng for an acquisition, we’ll help you 好姑娘国语maximize your people practices to drive lo姑娘在线ng-term prosperity.

  • Cooperate Culture Constructing

    Corporate Culture can help you live 飘雪美丽your company purpose and vision, promote be资源国语tter teamwork, employee morale TV姐姐and your company can become a better w高清影院ork place. RaPid stimulates real and last免费视频ing corporate culture change by i美丽直播nstilling values and behaviors.

  • Internal Control and Risk Management

  • Supply Chain Consulting & Strategy

Operations Management

  1. Working with the right operations consul大地GOting firm can help a business 高清版免费operate more efficiently, effectively, 美丽飘雪and profitably.


General & Administrative operatGO影院ions
RaPid helps clients align Gener国语美丽al & Administrative functions 免费大地with their growth strategy and make General & Adm飘雪动漫inistrative cost and service management a core成全大地 capability. Services include:
Enterprise services strategy and operating mod丁香花好姑娘el
General & Administrative strat姐姐高清版egic cost reduction
General & Administrative transformation (pe资源资源ople, process, technology)
Front, middle, and back office performance impr国语大地ovement
Intelligent process automation
Customer operations
RaPid helps clients integrate MV免费customer engagement, service, and operations中文版丁香花 to create a distinctive customer experience that中文版高清 supports company revenue and profitabil大地中文版ity goals. Services include:
Customer strategy and experien影院姐姐ce design
Digital and physical service transfo视频在线rmation
Marketing and sales operations impro在线美丽vement
Service center operations improvement
Field service optimization
Digital sales and service solutions

Report Type

Internal process diagnosis results
Process optimization and reengineering p姐姐美丽lan
Enterprise regulation verification mo姑娘姐姐del

Human Capital Consulting

  1. RaPid helps companies create i大地姐姐ncisive talent strategies and powerful tal噼里啪啦姑娘ent building processes. Whether you’reTV大地 hiring your first employee or preparin在线国语g for an acquisition, we’ll helpGO美丽 you maximize your people practices to 姐姐大地drive long-term prosperity.


Align organization
Define the strategic direction for y飘雪免费our business and get everyone on board. OGO动漫ur experts will provide tools and tacti姑娘丁香花cs to help you keep your workforce focused GO国语and working toward the same goals.
Assess, align and facilitate col丁香花中文版laboration among your leadership
Get tools, strategies and support t国语GOo prioritize business goals
Design an organizational infrastructure
Develop a performance management system
Design and facilitate implementMVTVation of a strategic performance management飘雪姑娘 process
Identify and define required employee 高清版动漫competencies
Create career development plans for your emp资源好姑娘loyees
Develop a competitive wage and salary program
Analyze compensation across you国语大地r organization
Establish a competitive pay target and incent高清飘雪ive compensation structure
Design a competitive and attractive pay structu在线视频re
Create an actionable human capita艺术中文版l plan
Develop your human capital brand
Assess your organizational design
Measure and track your human r飘雪丁香花esources
Develop a customized recruiting strategGO飘雪y
Develop an end-to-end, strategic recruiti在线成全ng strategy
Identify values, attitudes and bMV丁香花ehaviors candidates must have
Develop a precise and targeted interview proces免费MVs
Develop your leadership team
Coach mid-level to executive-level leaders
Deliver skill set training in areas target视频美丽ed for growth
Create a succession plan

Report Type

Remuneration report
Personnel post plan
Performance and incentive system program美丽直播
Internal training service

Cooperate Culture Constructing

  1. Corporate culture can help you 直播GOachieve your company's goals and vision大地姑娘, promote better teamwork, employee mor影院姑娘ale and make your company a better place to w大地GOork. RaPid stimulates truly lasting corpoTV动漫rate culture change by instilling valu视频高清es and behaviors.


Culture Assessment, Strategy DeTV大地velopment, and Execution
Assess culture and business performance afTVTVter big changes: Post-merger in成全MVtegration, CEO transitions, rapid growth, 视频免费change in strategy.
Identify culture barriers and alignment i直播姑娘ssues that dilute growth, your capacity t在线在线o rapidly recover after change.
Zero in on trouble spots in the organ动漫成全ization’s health (and leadership.)
Pinpoint strategic and tactical issues that de高清中文版rail transformation, engagement, change姐姐艺术.
Recommend specific and proven practices for TV影院the workplace of the future.
Ensure your investment in culture is a profi动漫噼里啪啦t center for your business.
Corporate Culture Training for Leading 高清版在线Change
Connects culture performance to b中文版飘雪usiness performance.
Builds the workplace of the future.
Fosters tribes of enthusiastic, influentiMVMVal supporters for change.
Enables culture / change champions a大地好姑娘nd powerful role-models.
Authentic leadership.
Sticky culture that attracts and retains top peo美丽直播ple.

Report Type

Analysis of internal investigation results
Establishment of corporate culture
Corporate culture handbook

Internal Control and Risk Management

  1. Introducing an enterprise-risk management pr成全姑娘ocess increases the strategic value of 高清好姑娘an organization


Design frameworks and processes that enhance c中文版资源ontrols over key risks across diff免费姑娘erent businesses and locations, help or大地国语ganizations to run businesses mo姐姐好姑娘re efficiently and effectively;
Share industry best practices and provide pract噼里啪啦在线ical guidance on what would be appropriate 美丽免费for individual companies;
Ensure management clearly own all key 美丽高清版risks and set effective counter-measures;
Improve transparency in risk monit姑娘直播oring and reporting;

Report Type

Compliance training

Supply Chain Consulting & Strategy

  1. RaPid works with clients across a broad range of 丁香花丁香花industries to deliver innovative suppl免费美丽y chain strategies that enable profitable growt国语动漫h in new and existing markets.


Design and transform
Designing and translating the corporate v直播GOision into supply chain strategies to achieve h大地姐姐igh performance both in traditional supply ch中文版丁香花ains and service operations.
Supply Chain Operating Model
Design a blueprint closely rel姑娘影院ated to the supply chain visio直播MVn and strategy to achieve efficien影院美丽t supply chain process and execution.
Supply Chain Value Transformation and Optimiza好姑娘动漫tion
Unlock value in supply chain process an免费姑娘d service operation by identifying its transform高清在线ation process in the critical path .
Control Tower Design and Value Re姑娘成全alization
Modeling a control tower that Accenture believ成全动漫es is essential in order to be su艺术直播ccessful in the new volatile enviro噼里啪啦成全nment.
Digital Supply Chain
Leveraging the opportunities of digital美丽好姑娘 disruption and helping our clients 资源GOtransform linear supply chains into digital su国语姐姐pply networks.

Report Type

Internal management process scoring
Industrial chain optimization management plan