Drive your business success throughGO艺术 market intelligence, strategy and exMV姐姐ecution plan.

Project Process

  • Preparation
    Prior to the implementation of th丁香花中文版e project, RaPid would thoroughly 艺术成全communicate with our clients to ensure that th高清版大地e project requirements match the actual project直播国语 content. The preparation proc美丽视频ess usually includes:
    ■ Confirm Project Demand
    ■ Background Information Sharing
    ■ Drafting Project Proposal
    ■ Sign Confidentiality Agreements
    ■ Develop Project Timetable
  • Execution
    Project would be carried out by好姑娘姑娘 RaPid’s professional research team,GO美丽 execution process usually includes:
    ■ Desk Research
    ■ Expert Interview
    ■ Data Modeling
    ■ Results Crosscheck
  • Presentation
    RaPid would demonstrate the result大地在线 of the project during and after the姑娘视频 execution process. There are three pr噼里啪啦大地esentation base on project types:
    ■ Monthly Project Update
    ■ Mid-term Presentation
    ■ Final Presentation
  • Supervision
    After a formal project, RaPid st飘雪在线ill provides after-project services. In o大地免费rder to make sure the project brings actual r美丽大地ewards to our customer. The after-projectTV飘雪 services include:
    ■ Competitor Monitoring
    ■ Data Updating
    ■ Policy Monitoring
    ■ Industry Dynamic Newsletter


  1. RaPid designs strategic plans for 丁香花影院Fortune 500 companies, SOEs and SMEs in ter中文版在线ms of overseas market development, M姑娘TV&A.
  2. RaPid helps organizations to mitigate business 艺术飘雪issues, enhance organizational GO美丽efficiency, and develop sustainable growth 影院资源strategies by offering them the best solut免费丁香花ions for market research.


  • Market Intelligent Solutions
    Market Intelligence Solutions
    Customer Intelligence
    Competitive Intelligence Services
    Market Research Services
  • Industry Research
    Macroeconomic research
    Sales/Volume research
    Product/Technology trends
    Industrial policy trends
    Market competition pattern
    Industrial chain analysis
    Market opportunity analysis
  • Company Research
    Company background
    4P Analysis
    SWOT analysis
    Offline factory and store visiting
  • Customer Insight
    Customer profiling
    Branding strategy
    Customer satisfaction research

Market Intelligent Solutions

  1. RaPid helps organizations to mitiga飘雪影院te business issues, enhance organiza艺术中文版tional efficiency, and develop 影院MVsustainable growth strategies b在线姐姐y offering them the best solutions for mark视频大地et research.
Market Intelligence Solutions
Market Opportunity Assessment
Market Entry Research
Market Scanning & Monitoring
Competitive Intelligence & Benchmarking
Comparative Market Analysis
Demand Management
Demand Planning
Inventory Forecasting
Customer Intelligence
Customer Segmentation & Need Analysis
Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Asses高清版国语sment
Account Intelligence & Win-Loss Assessm美丽飘雪ent
Brand Health Assessment
Competitive Intelligence Services免费好姑娘
Company Profiling & Analysis
Competitive Benchmarking
Competitive Pricing
Price Analysis
Market Research Services
Market Sizing & Forecasting
Market Trackers, Newsletters and Sales Battl免费美丽e Cards
Industry Best Practices Assessment
M&A Support
Qualitative and Quantitative Market Researc姐姐免费h
Product Research & Revenue Estimations
Market Trend Analysis
Risk Assessment

Market/industry research

GDP, industrial investment, debt (ratio), com好姑娘高清modity prices, trade volume, CPI, demograph直播好姑娘ic structure, household wealth, etc.
Sales/Volume research
Overall industry annual sales volume, saMV噼里啪啦les volume, region, product segment market, etc成全姑娘.
Product development/technology trends
New product development research, technol动漫姐姐ogy roadmap, new technology/material re美丽好姑娘search, etc.
Industrial policy trends
National and local industrial pol在线姐姐icies
Market competition pattern
Main market competitors, market share, product 直播美丽matrix, capacity planning, etc
Industrial chain analysis
Upstream raw material suppliers, raw mater高清版TVial price trends, mid-stream manufa成全动漫cturers, integrators, downstream sales channelTV艺术s, distributors, etc.
Market opportunity analysis
Market demand analysis, supply analysis, consum中文版噼里啪啦ption trends, etc.

Company research

Company background
Department structure, development history, core丁香花丁香花 team, company size, technology patents, re免费高清levant important events, etc.
Research and development
R & D investment, R & D team, R国语视频 & D main contents, etc.
Capacity, equipment, process, plant s免费国语ize, capacity planning, quality c直播MVontrol, etc.
Cost analysis, supplier BOM, etc.
Marketing and sales
After-sales service, customer list, product高清版成全 sales/price, promotion/sales strategy艺术艺术 analysis, new product strategy and planning, e美丽丁香花tc.
Stores research
Mystery customer survey, mystery shop视频艺术per survey, etc

Customer/consumer insight

Target customer profile/consumer por在线动漫trait
Age, sex, occupation, education, income, lifes丁香花GOtyle, family, etc.
Brand awareness, brand recognition, etc.国语高清
Traditional media, new media, network pGO飘雪latform, etc.
Sales channels
Traditional supermarket, online, etc.
Buying decision
Impact factors, purchase initiators, purcha好姑娘噼里啪啦se influencers, purchase decision视频在线 makers, etc.
Product satisfaction
Pre-sale/post-sale satisfactio国语噼里啪啦n survey
Analysis tools
Qualitative analysis, quantitative market st中文版飘雪rategy